Why customers love Systems I/O, Inc.

By integrating once-disparate pieces of security technology into a seamless, integrated ecosystem with Avigilon, we don’t just receive better security, we can generate better outcomes.”

Todd Miller, System Vice President of Security

Our Services

Hardware & Firmware

We can practically take a napkin concept drawing, design the hardware, write the code (mix of C++, C and Assembly), layout the board, fabricate, test, and hand you a prototype. 

Wireless Communications

WILDR-MIU is a wireless device that provides several industry standard interfaces; RS-232RS-485RS-422buffered GPIO lines (General Purpose Input/Output lines)…

Antenna Design

Antenna design is an art! Over the years we have designed many application-specific antennas from circuit board trace antennas to full-size Log-periodic, high bandwidth, directional antennas… 

PAC Systems

Physical Security and Access Control Systems have become necessary for most companies. Large or small, companies need to protect their facilities, data, and personnel.

Broadband LANs

Broadband Networks are high bandwidth, and based on RF distribution systems. These networks initially carried multiple television signals (channels) in modulated format (pixel, chroma, audio).  

Education and Training

The best and most successful companies are based on the quality of their products and the support offered after the sale. In our opinion, the support structure is as important as the quality of the product.

Why Choose Us?

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Customer Support Is The Key


Network Support

After the network has been implemented, the client is presented with documentation and maintenance options. life preserverWe can maintain the network…

Product Support

WILDR (wireless interface low-power digital radio) technical support is available for 90 days after the date of purchase to aide technicians in configuring and testing…

Education & Training

Our products and services are also backed by proper training when warranted. Services such as RF Broadband LAN when maintained by the client..

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