We offer our client’s the leadership, the advantage strategy, timely communication and creativity expected to start and complete every engagement on-time and on-budget. Our Services includes developing and implementing a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed, and determining global budgets and timelines for completion.

Defining and Confirming Current Objectives

To establish project objectives and constraints TPMG needs to understand your business. We analyze the current workplace environment, flexibility, occupancy costs, future business growth requirements and location. By evaluating the existing workplace for efficiency and utilization TPMG will formulate a strategy, identify innovative workplace solutions, budget and schedule to meet the business needs that not only look good on paper, but work in practice.

Project Team Development and Management

We will assemble the right team members by determining the project scope, creating RFP’s and bid documents. Comprehensive and analytical review of each vendor proposal, prepare a detailed evaluation matrices to assist the client in the vendor selection process. Selected team will have expertise in architecture, engineering, construction, interior build-out, furniture and move management. Team member’s tasks and activities are managed by a dedicated project manager who serves as your single point of contact and accountability.

Real Estate Solutions

TPMG will establish the real estate objectives, timeline, global budget and manages the resources during the real estate negotiation as well as evaluating multiple sites pros and cons with the result of a comprehensive due diligence analysis. We maintain a strong working relationship with leasing agent and client counsel to thoroughly review and comment on lease, base building criteria and work letter to minimize clients out of pocket expenses.

Design and Construction Management

We are responsible and accountable for timely communication, we take our job seriously. We set stringent expectation at the start of each project to obtain consistent result and highest quality within allocated time frame and budget parameters.

  1. Continuously monitor performance and results
  2. Communicate the client space needs and budget parameters to each project team
  3. Monitor schedules and budgets on weekly bases
  4. Lead weekly project meetings, prepare meeting notes and assigned action items
  5. Track and coordinate each action item with team members to ensure on time completion
  6. Maintain and ensure timely communication between client’s team and project teams
  7. With budget in mind consistently keep value engineer items on table
  8. Conduct periodic site visits and resolve field issues before they become problems
  9. Review and approve vendor payment applications, develop and track monthly expenses, and budget reconciliation

We deliver personalized solutions to , Your Needs, Your Ideas, Your Vision.

We build Trust in the spirit of Team Work and Effective Management


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