Medical Supplies

RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart is part of a network of distributors, manufacturers and suppliers who help provide for your health care and medical equipment needs.

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Quad Sticks

alternately known as Quad Based Walking Sticks; offers stability for individuals in need of cane support when walking

Walking Aids

ergonomically designed walking aids to suit the varying needs of injured or disabled individuals; ranging from walkers, crutches and canes of different designs

Hot and Cold Therapy

We hold a complete line of hot and cold therapy accessories from cold packs to hot water bags that treat inflammations, swellings or to alleviate pain after an injection or minor surgery.

Exerciser and Scales

Medical weighing scales for pediatric care, adult care and bariatric scales to suit the needs of all types of patients


comfortable and durable mattresses for patients in the home, nursing home or care facility

Bathtub Bench

aids in bathing the patient, provides seating during bath time and provides more convenience for the caregiver during grooming or personal hygiene tasks

Compression Stockings

made from durable and breathable material to improve blood flow in the legs and prevent venous disorders

Wide Variety of Support Belts

back support medical equipment and supplies to protect the lumbar area and the spine

Pulse Oximeter

medical equipment used for non-invasive administration to monitor oxygen levels or oxygen saturation in the blood

Hospital Beds

hospital beds complete with attachments and fully functioning mechanisms to allow adjustments in reclining, transport and effective back support for the patient

Bathtub Steel Railing

hand rails made of steel; attached to the bathroom wall and offers safety grips for the individual during bathing

Geriatric Wheel Chairs

wheelchairs are comfortable and specially designed for elderly individuals; easy to operate and maintain

Nebulizers and Compressors

respiratory therapy products that are portable and easy to operate; may be used by the patient in the hospital or the home

Pediatric Wheelchair

mobility aids specially designed for children; adjustable and comfortable; can be customized to the size of the child


innovatively designed walkers with wheels; allows the user to roll the device freely while providing stability during walking

Oxygen Supplies 

oxygen tanks, masks and other medical equipment that can be used in the hospital setting or the patient’s home

Protective Bedding Pads

absorbent and breathable pads that supplement hospital bedding; easy to replace and dispose after use

Medical Folding Steel Commode

bedside commodes that can be folded for hassle-free storage

Blood Pressure Machine and Diagnostic

For patients with hypertension to monitor their blood pressure and other vital signs that indicate whether immediate medical care or intervention is necessary; available for home use and hospital use

Aids to Daily Living

Medical supplies that help make daily tasks easier such as dressing aids, commode chairs, transfer benches, bed rails and many more…

Geriatric Diapers

adult size diapers made from quality, absorbent and breathable fabric; comfortable and easy to dispose after use

Maternity Care

products that help expecting or new mothers such as maternity pads, breast pumps, breast pads and nipple guards

Ostomy Supplies

We hold a wide selection of ostomy care products from the immediate care of the stoma wound after surgery and the maintenance of the wound thereafter.

Skin and Wound Care

Products to help improve the health of your skin; sanitizing and healing of wounds including a full line of products to treat chronic and acute wounds


Food supplements, maternity vitamins, pediatric vitamins and other nutraceuticals to preserve your best health

Urological supplies

Catheters, urological accessories, urinary catheters, foley catheter and other products for incontinence care; both for home use and care facility use