DLPLC-FXGB Mitsubishi Plc Training Kit of vocational educaiton equipment

A selection of 16 bit analog input boards designed for all industrial board types; 8 to 48 channels are available; single-ended or differential inputs; high-speed DMA transfers; simultaneous sampling All A/D boards accept +/- 10 VDC channel inputs and use 16-bit A/D converters. Input conversion ranges from +/- 10 VDC input range with a gain of 1 to +/- 10 mVDC input range with a gain of 1000. Conversion rates are a function of the number of simultaneous samples, and the sample rate ranges from up to 1000K samples/sec (IP-AD41meg) for 1 channel to 6250 samples/sec (IP48AD) when sampling 48 input channels at the same time.

Part # bus type A/D D/A Res. bits rate / ch ttl I/O DSP serial I/O input volts PGA other
CPCI-ADDA cpci 3U 4 4 16 400K 100K 16 yes n +-10 1248
CPCI-AD16 cpci 3U 16 n 16 200K 12.5K n yes n +-10 1248 opt. filter
CPCI-AD8/16 cpci 3U 8/16 n 16 1.6M 100K n yes yes +-10 1248
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